Plated’s Culinary Team Shares Their Top Holiday Recipes

To help you celebrate the season, our culinary team shares a few of their top holiday recipes.

Prepping for the holidays can be exhausting—after spending hours searching for recipes and cooking up a storm, it can be tough to have enough energy to entertain. To help take some of the pressure off, our culinary team has graciously agreed to share some of their top simple and festive holiday recipes. Need a cocktail, side, entree, or dessert to bring to a family function or party? We’ve got you covered.

Chef Suz’s Charred Orange Old-Fashioned
This classic, spirit-forward drink gets a nice added dose of citrus thanks to the addition of charred orange.

Jen’s Cheese-Walnut Puffs
Forget the dinner rolls and up the savory factor with these decadent but light cheese-walnut puffs from our recipe editor Jen.

Chef Elana’s Rosemary Poussin with Glazed Pears
Even if you’ve never cooked or had poussin before, Chef Elana’s recipe with glazed pears and nutty Israeli couscous will surely impress.

Michelle’s Chocolate Bark
If you’ve read about how our culinary team generates our monthly themes, you know chocolate bark helps to fuel the brainstorming process. Test Kitchen Assistant Michelle shares her simple, festive recipe that makes for a great snack or shareable dessert.

Thumbprint Cookies with Raspberry Jam
Holiday cookies are a seasonal staple. Impress your loved ones by making these thumbprint cookies, which are the American version of Swedish hallongrotta (which translates to “raspberry cave”).


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