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What is changing?

When is the last day of the Plated subscription service? 

The last orders from the subscription service were shipped on November 26th, 2019. Any orders prior to the date listed were received from Plated subscription as usual.  

Still have questions?  Contact support at 855-525-2399.

How many days will it take for my Plated subscription refund to process? 

Refunds normally take anywhere between 5 to 7 business days depending on the financial institution the customer banks with.

Still have questions?  Contact support at 855-525-2399.

Is Plated going away for good?

No! We are growing Plated into a comprehensive in-house culinary brand with a wider mix of offerings that can be purchased in our stores.

Where are Plated Meal Kits currently offered in-store?

Plated cooking kits for two and more Plated products are currently available in select Northern California Safeway stores. Customers can also order Plated products through our eCommerce business. Orders are fulfilled through our in-house delivery trucks, Instacart in select Northern California Safeway stores.

Will Plated products be offered in other stores besides the Northern California market?    

We are planning to expand Plated products into more stores in 2020!

Where can I find nutritional information?

All nutrition information can be found on the Plated packaging.

Do you accommodate food allergies?

Please refer to Plated packaging for allergen information.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do not offer or carry Plated branded gift cards however you may use an Albertsons Company store gift card (i.e Safeway) to purchase Plated products in store or online where available. Gift card purchases are non- refundable. 

How do I redeem an existing Plated gift card?

You may use it in an Albertsons Company Store. If you are out of our market area please reach out to Albertsons Customer Care for assistance.  Customer card will issue a refund if you are out of the market area.