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This Is the Four Cheese Pizza of Our Dreams

We’re pretty confident in saying that no one can resist a giant slice of pizza. At least that’s how it seemed when this supremely summery pizza pie came out of the Plated Test Kitchen. It was one of those famed recipes that never made it to the rest of Plated HQ—it’s just that good. Clearly, this recipe delicious, but on top of that, it’s a super speedy dish to pull together on any given night. A perfectly golden brown pizza crust is topped with four kinds of Italian cheese: nutty Fontina, classic mozzarella, savory Parmesan, and shredded Provolone because you can never have too much cheese on a pie. Instead of using a traditional tomato sauce, we went bold, bright, and seasonal, topping this ‘za with cherry tomatoes and basil, which have been steeped in balsamic vinegar and garlic to absorb all the sweet and salty flavors. Hello, summer!

If you need more convincing, this recipe was created with two specific notes in mind: it’s gotta be fast, and it’s gotta be fun. With this pizza, you can embrace all the flavors of summer without spending hours in the kitchen away from friends and family. Speaking of friends and fam, this is also a great recipe for a group: easy cleanup, totally kid-friendly, and all-around crowd-pleasing. You’ll want to keep this pizza recipe in your apron pocket all season long.

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