Snow Day Cooking: 4 Last-Minute Recipes to Cook with the Kids

Snow in the forecast? It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time inside with your family—and in the kitchen. You don’t want to be caught without a hearty meal or a fun activity when the kids are home from school, so we’ve put together four simple, last-minute recipes to keep the whole family occupied (and well fed) should snow come your way.

Four-Cheese Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate snow day meal, as it yields lots of opportunity for eager helpers to have fun in the kitchen. Try our Four-Cheese Pizza made with pantry and fridge staples like tomatoes, basil, dried oregano, and balsamic vinegar.

Cavatappi alla Norma

This Popular Recipe gets its name from a sauce style that’s native to Sicily. Pack in some veggies with deliciously slow-roasted eggplant and top off with a creamy whipped ricotta to complete the dish. Order our Cavatappi alla Norma today!

Fontina and Brie Grilled Cheese

Okay, we’re starting to sense a pattern here. At Plated, snow day = cheese day. Take your basic grilled cheese up a notch with this fontina and brie version that boasts a hint of sweetness from a homemade fig compote (or your favorite jarred jam).

S’mores Pies with Chocolate Ganache

A sweet treat that’s reminiscent of summer to round out the day—dig into this fun twist on s’mores, no campfire required. The best part? Only four ingredients are needed for this delicious dessert.

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