A Shareable, Throwback Dessert You’ll Want to Make ASAP

Learn how to make the camping favorite in your own kitchen with our s’mores fondue recipe.

Roasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers are a tried-and-true combination. But thankfully you don’t need to be seated around a fire pit to enjoy the classic camping treat. In our s’mores fondue recipe, you’ll be able to create addictive dessert in your very kitchen.

3/4 cup heavy cream
12 ounces dark chocolate chips
20–24 large marshmallows
graham crackers for dipping

small pot (optional)
medium ovenproof pan

1. Make Ganache: Preheat oven to 450°F. Pour heavy cream into a medium heatproof bowl and microwave at 30-second intervals until hot but not boiling. Alternatively, warm in a small pot over medium heat. Place chocolate in a separate medium heatproof bowl. Pour over warmed heavy cream and allow to stand for about 1 minute, then gently stir until fully combined and smooth.

2. Assemble S’mores Fondue: Transfer ganache to a medium ovenproof pan and spread into an even layer. Halve marshmallows crosswise and place cut-side down over ganache.

3. Bake S’mores Fondue: Transfer S’mores fondue to oven and bake until toasted and light golden, about 5 minutes. Remove and set aside to cool for 1-2 minutes. Use graham crackers for dipping and enjoy, imagining you’re by the campfire.

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