See How Well (or Not So Well) Militaries Around the World Eat

Not everybody knows this, but Plated’s co-founder Nick Taranto is a former Marine. And after four years of eating American MREs (“meals ready to eat”), he felt obliged to do something to help Americans eat better.

Unlike the delicious dishes you can find all over Plated, these meals are made to be consumed in less-than-ideal settings—say, in the middle of the desert, jungle, or some other such other environment where stovetops and brûlée torches are hard to come by. To really appreciate how good we have it in our kitchens, let’s get an up-close look at military ration packs given not just to U.S. soldiers but armies around the world.

United States


Highlights: Spiced (no, not “spiked”) apple cider. Pasta with veggies in tomato sauce.

Non-food-related highlight: When you add water to the powder provided in a plastic bag, it heats up enough to warm the meal pouch. They call that the “flameless heater.”


We do not like green eggs and ham, but we do like green *beans* with ham, which is included in this pack. And for dessert: peach in syrup.


For breakfast, there’s a 40%-alcoholic shot of cordiale, an Italian pick-me-up drink. Plus, there’s a powdered cappuccino, lots of biscotti, and some minestra di pasta e fagioli (pasta-and-bean soup).


Highlights: Deer pâté, cassoulet with duck confit, creole-style pork and a crème chocolate pudding. Would you expect anything less from the culinary-conscious French?


There’s a lot of variety here, from the stuffed peppers to chicken-meat pâté to liver sausage with potatoes. Breakfast is muesli, a fruit pocket, and honey.


These are three soy sauce packets. … Joking, of course. This is actually just the “main pack,” which includes Szechuan chicken noodles, a chicken dish, and a red-bean dessert. In addition to this, each soldier gets an accessory pack of canned drinks, energy bars, instant tea and coffee, and more.

Do you have any experience with military meals? Comment below and tell us about it!

(Featured image from gadgetking.com.)


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