How Plated Has Freed Customers from Their Recipe Routines

We all have routines, but there’s a fine line between routine and rut. And when it comes to dinner, this distinction makes itself known somewhere between the third and fourth night of the same pasta dish. But with 11 weekly recipes ranging from comfort classics to globally inspired cuisines, Plated is helping home cooks get out of their recipe rut. Whether you’re vegetarian, a meat-eater, or a seafood-lover, Plated sends all you need to make the dinners you choose: fresh, seasonal ingredients in just the right portions and foolproof recipe cards. Oh, and there’s dessert too.

The Cook Who Solved The “What’s For Dinner?” Dilemma

“Before Plated, it was the same, tired old recipes and the age-old debate: “What should we have for dinner?” Now we are excited to try healthy new recipes and cook together!”
–Angie, Pensacola, FL

The Cook Who Never Has to Search For Recipes Again

“My absolute favorite thing about Plated are the recipes! I’ve punched holes in all of the recipes and put together a recipe binder! (It’s almost full, I need a bigger binder.) I often go back to my favorite recipes and make my favorite meals again and again!”
–Niki B., San Martin, CA


The Challenge-Seeking Cook

“We trust that Plated will challenge us to try things we wouldn’t normally think to cook on our own—it helps us build our repertoire and skill set!”
–Brian P., Chicago, IL

The Happy-To-Be-Home Cook

“We love the variety of the meal selections. It’s restaurant quality meals in the comfort of our home.”
–Andrea T., Canton, CT

The Economical Cook

“I love having the option to choose the meal I want! I know exactly what I plan to eat for dinner each time I receive my Plated box. I also love the fact that even if the meal serves 2, I can usually get about 3–4 servings out of each meal.”
–Erika W., Chicago, IL

Trying new cuisines and new techniques in the kitchen is easier than ever when you have 11 unique recipes to choose from each week. Plated’s culinary team designs dinners that help you explore new tastes and rediscover dishes you thought you knew (like mac ‘n’ cheese made with Gruyère and pea shoots). And with quick, simple meal planning, you can pick your dinners for the next month in just 5 minutes. You’ll be out of your recipe rut (and loving it) in no time.

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