Plated’s Beyond the Tank Breakfast, by Chef Elana Karp

By now you’ve probably heard the news about our company appearing on the Shark Tank follow-up series, Beyond the Tank. Plated is a food delivery company, so we have a healthy obsession over what we should eat and when. As we gear up in anticipation of the Beyond the Tank viewing on Friday, we have just one question for Chef Elana Karp: What should we eat for breakfast on the morning of Beyond the Tank to fuel the day?

“It’s important to start any day with a meal high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. While a busy schedule makes the run-of-the-mill cereal an easy choice, I’d stay away from it on days where you need a lot of stamina, like when you’re going for a long run, or gearing up for a Beyond the Tank appearance!”


“My suggestion? Avocado toast topped with a poached egg. (Need expert tips on how to poach an egg? Click here.) I like to use Ezekial bread for some added fiber, too.”


Be sure to watch Plated’s Nick Taranto, Josh Hix, and Chef Elana Karp on Beyond the Tank this Friday, May 8 — and let us know if you take our advice and try this avocado toast the next time you have a demanding day ahead!


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