How Plated Taught Me to Cook Like an Adult

By Amanda S., Brooklyn, NY

As Plated customers for the past six months, my fiancé Paul and I have gained confidence in the kitchen, and have been enjoying cooking (and eating) as a result. Looking for some inspiration to eat better? Read our story and learn how simple it can be with this meal kit.

How We Discovered Plated

What initially brought me to Plated was my former roommate. She started ordering Plated and I’d notice the cute box when it got dropped off to our apartment. Since she was receiving meals for two people, we’d make some of the meals together and I was able to see how easy it was to read the recipe card and assemble meals for myself.

After Paul and I got engaged last year, we had to learn how to live together—and that included how we ate. When we were doing long distance initially, we’d pretty much dine out for every meal when he visited. But once he moved to NY, we couldn’t dine out all the time. I remembered the handful of times I had made Plated with my old roommate, and we decided to give it a shot as a couple. We wanted to start developing healthy habits of knowing exactly what was going into our food and being able to prepare it ourselves, instead of relying on $3 pizza slices. Spending more time cooking together is also spending more time together, period.

We initially tried out different meal kit services and became frustrated with boxes always showing up past their slotted delivery times—especially when sometimes the box never showed up at all! We gave one company a few tries but continually had nights we were waiting for a box past 10 PM. We ultimately gave up and decided to stick with Plated.


Why We Continued with Plated

Now that we’ve been using Plated together for about six months, we have never once had a problem with delivery times or a missing box, and we typically plan our weeks around what days we are going to cook, what nights we might want to go out, or what nights we might be eating separately. Living in New York, it’s not realistic to plan to cook every single night, so it’s nice to have the flexibility to skip weeks with Plated, and that also makes those moments when we are cooking together even more special.

Before Plated, we were pretty limited in our cooking abilities as well as confidence in the kitchen. My skills and knowledge were pretty basic as well and I found a lot of recipes intimidating when they listed out all of the steps at once.

With Plated, we are constantly trying new recipes and new dishes, and we’ve loved some of them so much they’ve turned into regular favorites. We keep a stack of our favorite past Plated recipes on hand so on nights when we’re not sure what we will be doing, we’ll pick out a recipe card, figure out what we don’t already have in the kitchen and then head to the grocery store. One time Paul even took the whole recipe card with him!
If you want to effortlessly improve your cooking skills and enjoy memorable meals you’ll want to create again and again, Paul and I would highly recommend Plated.

Why I Recommend Plated:

  • Unlike other services, deliveries come according to schedule.
  • No other service offers as much flexibility and choice when it comes to scheduling and meals you can select. You’re never stuck with a meal you dislike, as you’re able to choose each one you receive.
  • The recipes are easy to follow, even with dishes I wouldn’t have ever thought to try and make at home.
  • It’s far more cost effective than eating out at a restaurant.
  • You know what’s going into your food and you can trust that Plated uses high quality ingredients.
  • It’s exciting to try new creative recipes and learn skills that had once seemed intimidating.

For more cozy, veggie-rich recipes, sign up for Plated, and get $30 off your first delivery.

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