Keep Plated in Your Back Pocket with Our New Android App

Delicious, fresh, and seasonally sourced dinners should be accessible to everyone, no matter how you eat or connect to the world. Now, we’re making it that much easier with the launch of our new Android App, meeting you wherever you are, whenever you want.

With the app, the ability to plan ahead is simpler than ever. Choose and swap any meal with a quick swipe of your finger—plan your next month of meals, or make changes to your next delivery. Explore your options anytime and manage your meals with extreme ease. Skip a week, change your delivery date, or switch up your number of meals, all from the comfort of your own… phone. Now with our 3-serving and 4-serving plans, you can also revel in the opportunity to enjoy dinners family-style with your closest friends and loved ones. . .

Going beyond the simple (yet important!) pleasures of increased flexibility and planning, you’ll be able to select from an increased menu. If you rate and review past recipes, you may even see your favorite come back as a Popular Recipe—keep your eyes peeled. The app also has a handy digital recipe card, so you can view past and future cooking steps, and even use our in-app timer while preparing your delicious dinner. Sweet tooth? Add dessert to any of your meals with one touch.

With Plated’s new Android App, you’ve got all you need for dinner in the palm of your hand, er, back pocket. Download it now and let us know what you think!


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