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Meet the Plated Culinary Team: Suzanne Lehrer

Our Culinary Team is responsible for every recipe Plated customers cook, love, and remember. Every day, the chefs in our Test Kitchen dream up dinner ideas and make them a reality for home cooks all over the country. And their mission is simple: to make delicious dinners accessible for culinary novices and experts alike. Because everyone deserves to experience the joy that comes from making a meal from scratch.

Andrea, Elana, Michelle, and Suz are, of course, pros in the kitchen, but we thought people should see what else they’ve got going on (because they’re pretty great). Here’s your chance to get to know the fun, entertaining, food-centric ladies who make the magic happen—in our kitchen and yours.

Meet Suz, Our Director of Culinary Operations

A native New Yorker, Suz received her BA in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College. Following college, she spent the majority of her time writing about food for various magazines and online publications, including the Cooking Channel and Serious Eats. She also taught cooking classes in her own apartment! After attending culinary school at the French Culinary Institute, she traveled to South America where the diversity of flavors offered her a world of inspiration.

What’s one of your fondest or earliest food memories?
My mom used to make biscuits for us on the weekends and we would always make them in really elaborate shapes—like human figures with little chocolate chip buttons on them or make our initials in biscuit dough. It was so fun to watch them rise and then determine if the different shapes had different tastes to them (they didn’t).

What’s your favorite part of cooking for Plated?
I would say #PlatedPics. I love knowing that people are learning to cook and that I’m a part of people’s dinner experience. Nothing makes me happier than hearing stories of people learning to spend more time in their kitchen and feel confident cooking.

Chefs that inspire?
I love Dan Barber for the way he builds farming and seasonality into his menus—and I’m proud that that’s something we do here. I’d say home cooks that can teach me about different cuisines because most of the time they know best.

Cuisines that inspire?
I love Vietnamese, Italian for its simplicity, and the spices of Middle Eastern food.

Favorite late-night snack?
Mozzarella sticks—straight out of the frier.

Go-to recipes from the Plated cookbook?
All of them. The recipes from the book truly came from mine and Elana’s repertoire—our favorites at home.

How has your personal approach to cooking evolved over the years?
I try to cook as seasonally as possible—I’ve found comfort in simplicity rather than fussiness. I love making great ingredients shine.

Living or dead, who would be your ideal sous chef?
My new puppy because he eats all the scraps.

Living or dead, who would you most want to have as a dinner guest?
The Culinary Team at Plated because there are few people I have more fun eating with.


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