Our Favorite Recipes on Plated’s August Menu

Summer goes by so fast… luckily, so do our new FAST+FUN dinners. They’re designed to be cooked (and cleaned up after) in just 30 minutes (!!)—and they’re also made with families (or big tables) in mind. You can add more servings without adding cook time, plus, they all include steps for extra helpers (even kids) and crowd-pleasing flavors that everybody will love. Here are four FAST+FUN and family-friendly recipes that we can’t wait to bring home and make:


Pan-Roasted Chicken with Curried Coconut Rice:

We’d call this our “stripped-down” biryani, but… what did we take out? Certainly not the spices. Or the flavor. Or the joy in perfectly fluffy, tasty rice and crispy, juicy chicken. We guess we’ll just call it our version of biryani.

Southwestern Beef Skillet with Corn Salsa and Homemade Tortilla Chips:

A burrito bowl is great, but why put serving plates in the mix? This dish demands to be eaten right out of the skillet—and we encourage it. It has layers on layers of delicious Southwestern flavors, and even better: really fun to assemble. You can combine craft night with dinner night with this one.

Creamy Chicken Rigatoni with Tomatoes and Parmesan:

Are we blushing? No, but the eye-catching pink tomato sauce in this dish is a real treat to bring home, and a great way to wake up a classic chicken pasta dish. How do we make the tomatoes turn pink? A little cream is all you need.

Beef Lo Mein with Chinese Broccoli and Baby Corn:

Chinese in 30 minutes is a time-honored tradition—and our version doesn’t need you to make any phone calls. This recipe is our way of combining two customer favorites, and as always, simplifying, simplifying.

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