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to Eat in Chicago

Whenever we need to send someone from our Plated HQ in NYC to our warehouse in Chicago we all jump at the opportunity. The city is absolutely beautiful and the food is ah-mazing. Here are some of Plated’s favorite places to eat when we make a trip out to the Windy City.

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Hot Dougs is the perfect spot for unique and delicious hot dogs. There is usually a pretty long wait but it is worth it for some duck fat fries and a hot dog with foie gras and sauternes duck sausage with truffle aioli. Great, now we are drooling all over our keyboard…

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Publican might be our favorite restaurant on this list. If you go for either brunch or dinner, you really can’t go wrong. Delicious items like maple syrup braised bacon, red wine poached eggs, scallops with pickled beets, and fries with fried eggs make this restaurant a must-eat in Chicago.

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Big Star is the perfect place to go with friends for a fun atmosphere with delicious drinks and food. Big Star has amazing pork belly and al pastor tacos and even more amazing drinks (hello, Dulce De Leche Milkshake).

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Xoco serves up a casual version of Rick Bayless’ delicious Mexican fare. With yummy tortas and mouthwatering churros (seriously, get the churros) you should make some time to visit this restaurant.

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Fat Rice was just named the #4 Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appétit and is putting Macanese cuisine on the map. We recommend everything on the menu, but the signature “Arroz Gordo (Fat Rice)” is not to be missed.

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Lillies Q features some of the best barbecue in Chicago. Order the pulled pork, mac & cheese, and thank us later.


– Rachel Karten



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