7 Recipes to Celebrate National Pizza Day

February 9th is one of the tastiest days of the year—National Pizza Day! While it’s just one day dedicated to the most delicious combination of bread and cheese there ever was, we think the festivities should last all week long. Pizzas frequent our weekly menus and we love the variety that a blank pie allows—with toppings, nothing is off limit! If you’re looking to turn National Pizza Day into National Pizza Week, read on for seven pizza recipes perfect for your celebrations.

Truffle Pizza

Kick off National Pizza Week with a recipe from our Head Chef and Culinary Co-Founder, Elana Karp. With creamy burrata, truffle zest, and pistachios for nutty kick, this Truffle Pizza feels extra fancy.

Honey Mustard-Chicken Pizza

Homemade honey mustard…on pizza…with three different types of cheese. Yes, we went there. Our Honey Mustard-Chicken Pizza is the ultimate balance of tangy, savory, and sweet.

Pizza Bianca

Who said you need red sauce for pizza? This Pizza Bianca ditches traditional sauce but bumps up the flavor thanks to dried figs and an artful drizzle of balsamic.

Whole-Wheat Pizza

Whole-Wheat (pizza) Wednesday, anyone? Here we match the nuttiness of whole-grains with a hearty serving of mushrooms, a zingy arugula, and three types of cheese because, obviously.

Shakshuka Pizza

With this Shakshuka Pizza we move into the alternative pizza category. Our favorite Middle East-inspired breakfast of spicy red sauce and eggs meets a za’atar dusted crust for a delicious combo.

Portobello “Pizzas”

A crustless, veggie-centric spin to please even the pickiest palates. This Portobello “Pizza” uses, you guessed it, portobello mushrooms as a base for a fun twist on a tradition cheese slice.

French Bread Pizza

This French Bread Pizza invokes the pizza bagels of our childhood, but with a cheffy upgrade. It has warm, melty comfort food written all over it and is taken up a notch with a sprinkle of green.

Want the real pizza parlor experience? Chef it up with homemade pizza dough.

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