Make This Incredible Nutella Milkshake In Seconds—No Blender Required

“I would absolutely love a milkshake right now,” is a thought that’s crossed our mind at several times in our life—okay, and maybe even several points while writing this post. The only real thing standing in the way of us having a milkshake every single morning is our kitchen’s lack of the necessary appliances. In order to make a shake, you need a blender. Well, funny story…

We at Plated love finding workarounds, offering tips, and revealing tricks in the kitchen—and this milkshake solution does all of those things. Below, we’ll show you how to make this sweet concoction with just a few ingredients and the slightest bit of upper-body strength. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be making shakes in no time. No blender? No problem.

(Pro tip: One thing you will need is a mason jar or other lidded container that stays on nice and tight, because this recipe calls for shaking things up.)

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½ cup milk
1 tablespoon Nutella
2 cups vanilla ice cream

1. Pour the milk in the mason jar, add the Nutella and then tightly fasten the lid.

2. Shake the jar vigorously for about 20 seconds, or until evenly mixed.

Shake it in different directions for maximum effect!

3. Add the vanilla ice cream and stir to mix (about 20 seconds).

4. Shake the jar until everything is evenly mixed (about 45 seconds).

5. Pour your shake into a glass and enjoy!

Try this method yourself and see how simple making a milkshake can be! Share your #platedpics on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! (After you enjoy your first sip, of course.)

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Want more dessert recipes?

You should try Plated!

Get 25% off your first four weeks!