In the Office:
Super Serious Coffee Tasting

This morning, the Plated office had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Anders from Joyride Coffee Distributors, an NYC-based company that delivers the finest brews directly to you. Whether their beans come from a roaster around the corner or a farmer around the world, you always know you’re getting the very best with Joyride… They even serve one of our coffee shop favorites: Stumptown!

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We sampled three wonders: A Counter Culture blend from Ethiopia, Intelligentsia’s El Diablo Dark Roast from Latin America, and Stumptown’s Direct Trade coffee from Costa Rica.

The Ethiopian brew smelled amazingly like blueberries and had a wonderful taste – Surprisingly light & refreshing. We all loved the Stumptown roast (we know – shocking), but all agreed it had more of a curl-up-with-your-Sunday-coffee type of taste. Alas, the Intelligentsia Dark Roast was the all-around favorite with traditional notes of a great cup o’ Joe.

Anders, of Joyride, brewing up a serious carafe of coffee for the team.

Note the scale – because, science.

Three cups deep…

See the little fibers in the beans to the right? That’s the sign of a perfectly roasted bean. When beans are over-roasted, the fibers burn off & the coffee has an ashy taste.

A glass of iced coffee from our new cold brew coffee kegerator.


Be sure to check out Joyride Coffee to schedule a tasting at your office! You can thank us later.


– Alivia Duran



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