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Introducing: Wine Pairings

If there is one thing we enjoy as much as a delicious home-cooked meal, it’s the drinks that accompany it. We are excited to bring you weekly wine and beer pairings for our menus! This week we teamed up with Wine Awesomeness to bring you suggestions for the perfect glass of wine to accompany your plate.

For the Cinco de Mayo Steak Fajitas with Guacamole we recommend the 2010 Merlot from the House of Independent Producers.

House of Independent Producers, Merlot, Columbia Valley, Washington, 2010

Merlot catches a lot of flack and deservedly so…five years ago. Think Robert Downey Jr. Luckily, some movie appears ripping on Merlot and before you know it, every producer and his brother are grafting their Merlot vines to Pinot Noir. Now, a sea of insipid Pinot exists and those who believed in Merlot are still producing amazing juice. We think this project out of Washington state is one of the coolest gigs in the industry. Giving the finger to ratings, the HIP is all about balanced, well-made vino. Red plum, fig, bay leaf, fresh coffee beans, violet and marjoram notes jump out of this forward but nuanced example. It’s the style of Merlot that’s helping rebuild its reputation. Pair this with your favorite steak recipe to give it an added classy touch.

Order this wine from Wine Awesomeness.


A perfect compliment to the Spicy Pork and Pineapple Stir Fry is this Grüner Veltliner.

Szegeti, Grüner Veltliner, Austria, NV

What rocks about the brothers who make this Grüner Veltliner is that they only make sparkling wine. They are the one estate of all of Austria that can make that claim and their devotion to this style of juice is obvious. The wine is refined with a fine mousse and classic Grüner notes of lime zest, lemon oil, white peach, green apple, chive and snap pea. The Szigeti Brut finds a perfect balance between richness and focus and cleans up beautifully with an strong mineral taste.

The Chicken Paillard goes great with this ‘Case Ibidini’ Insolia.

Valle Dell’Acate, ‘Case Ididini’ Insolia, Sicily, Italy, 2011

There are various terms in the wine world which really don’t mean anything. ‘Dry red’ (99.9% of reds are dry), fruity and smooth are just a few examples of nomenclature that don’t carry much weight. It’s like the novice football fan pointing out how the other guy ‘got in the way’, while the expert would call it a ‘drive block’. Then, this wine appeared.This Insolia impressed the entirety of the group and the one descriptor that the group kept harping on was ‘smooth’. We are talking baby butt smooth, Dove soap commercial smooth, Marvin Gaye smooth. Yeah, that smooth. In addition to the ultra silky, sexy, smooth palate, this vino is incredibly fragrant with lemon verbena, yellow pear and fresh daffodil aromas.

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If your ordered the Cod with Lemon-Chive Fingerlings try the zesty ‘This Ain’t Your Mama’s Chardonnay’. 

‘This Ain’t Your Mama’s Chardonnay’

This ain’t yo mamma’s Chardonnay. Old world in its styling, this un-oaked juice allows for the fruit and minerality to take center stage. Sorry oak…not this time! Bright citrus, green apple and daisies give way to a lean, structured backbone of fresh river rocks and spearmint. This is a lively style of Chardonnay that does the Electric Slide across your palate.

Order this chardonnay from Wine Awesomeness.  


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