5 International Soups to Warm up with This Winter

It’s definitely soup and stew season—time to curl up with a big bowl of hearty deliciousness under a blanket, preferably in front of a fire (or at least a video of a roaring fireplace). From soups packed with seafood to vegetarian bowls to meat-forward preparations, these are some of our favorite international soups and stews that will keep you warm and toasty throughout the chilly season.


Ribollita hails from the wine-filled Italian region of Tuscany and means “twice boiled,” referring to the fact that this soup was originally made from leftover minestrone, which was reheated the next day and combined with chunks of bread. Now, it’s become a soup in its own right, featuring hearty white beans, vegetables, and Parmesan cheese, which gets layered over crusty chunks of garlic-rubbed bread. It’s all baked together until bubbly, then served with olive oil and…perhaps more cheese. Try the Plated recipe!


This hearty stew hails from Morocco, where it’s commonly made with lamb or chicken, in addition to rice, tomato, lentils, beans, and vermicelli noodles. It often contains a bunch of aromatic spices including turmeric, ginger, saffron, and cinnamon, and is served with fresh lemons for squeezing over. The result is a thick, warming dish that makes for a filling main course.


Traditionally thought of as a French country dish, cassoulet is a comforting, rich stew whose main ingredients are white beans and meat—generally pork sausages, duck, or goose. However, depending on who is preparing the cassoulet and where it’s being served, the ingredients may change. It’s the ultimate low-and-slow recipe, yielding super-savory, decadent results.


This Brazilian stew, pronounced “moh-CAY-ca,” combines seafood and rich, silky coconut milk. Our very own Plated recipe features succulent shrimp and fragrant quinoa, though it can be made with a variety of seafood and is often cooked with plantains as well.

Beef stew

When we think of a big bowl of steamy, wintry goodness, Irish beef stew is usually what we’re envisioning. It’s rich, sumptuous, and hearty, and makes your kitchen smell like an absolute dream. Onions, carrots, and tender beef come together in the most aromatic and seasonally-appropriate dinner.

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