Home Cooks Are Buzzing About Plated (For Very Good Reason)

Dinner. It’s something we all have to do, but busy schedules and the stress of shopping and meal planning often get in the way. But thanks to Plated, there’s no reason to sacrifice quality meals—no matter how crazy life gets. We deliver all you need to cook chef-designed dinners at home: 11 fun-to-follow weekly recipes, thoughtfully sourced, pre-portioned ingredients (and meal planning is a cinch). Apart from impressive dinners anyone can make at home, Plated delivers time-saving convenience, exciting variety, and outstanding quality. But don’t just take our word for it—see what some (very) satisfied home cooks have to say.

The “It Doesn’t Get Better Than Plated” Cook

“What don’t I love about Plated….Variety of menus, no waste, easy clean up, I save money by using Plated. I usually try different services before settling on one, but I have had no desire to try others since I know it can’t be better than Plated!”
–Bonnie C., Tucson, AZ

The Cook Who Never Knew She Could Cook

“Plated has made me a ‘Power Chef’ and that is amazing! That a box, ingredients, and recipes that include great instruction have made me believe I can cook is truly satisfying.”
–Christina C., Danville, CA

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The New & Improved Cook

“It has made me a better and exciting cook! I love the things I have learned from new techniques, and many of the meals require ingredients that I have never cooked with. We both love the variety, and ethnic dishes, and sometimes the repeats. And I keep the recipe cards we really love and I use those to fill in, or when we entertain. My friends think I am a chef!”
–Marshall D., Belton, TX

The Cook Finding More Confidence in the Kitchen

“I definitely waste less food and money. The variety is amazing. We are preparing restaurant quality dishes! My husband and I are always commenting on how we would have never thought to cook these dishes on our own. My husband loves to eat fish but I was always tentative to cook it because I was nervous about properly preparing it. Now we frequently order fish dishes. We also really enjoy the vegetarian dishes! They are absolutely delish! My confidence in the kitchen has greatly improved.”
–Jill C., Greenville, SC

Cooking delicious, impressive dinners at home without the hassle of the grocery store is possible—not to mention fun—with Plated. But the perks don’t stop there: meal planning is quick and simple (you can plan your dinners for the next month in 5 minutes!), ingredients are fresh, perfectly portioned, and thoughtfully sourced, and deliveries come straight to your door every week. Oh, and you can skip weeks when you’re away and cancel anytime.

For more cozy, veggie-rich recipes, sign up for Plated, and get $30 off your first delivery.

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