Happy National
Cheese Lover’s Day!

The Plated HQ houses a pretty opinionated group of people, but one of the few things we unanimously agree on is that cheese is almost always a suitable solution to any problem.

Walk into a party where you know no one? Hang by the cheese platter & bond with strangers about your love of fine fromage. Stranded on a desert isle? Bring a massive wheel of cheese (or a cow if you’re the DIY type). Find yourself being mugged in a dark alley? Pull out your emergen-cheese kit and bribe them with that delicious brine.

Anyway, we may have gotten a little off-topic, but in case you hadn’t heard, it’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! If you are going to try one new thing today, make it one of these cheeses:

1. Epoisses, $21.99 each

We could wax poetic about Epoisses until the end of time, but Murray’s Cheese said it best when they described this soft, French perfection as “stinky but incredibly lovable.” (Disclaimer: This cheese is highly addictive.)

2. Murray’s English Cheddar, $12.99/lb

There’s just something about a classically sharp cheddar that really gets us going. To be honest, we feel like this gateway cheese sometimes gets overlooked since it’s so widely available.

3. Roomano, $18.99/lb

If you thought you knew Gouda before, get ready to have your mind.completely.blown. This gouda-esque cheese has all of the flavor of gouda, with intense notes of butterscotch for prime nom-ability.


4. Bleu du Bocage, $25.99/lb

We go crazy for some goat cheese, and we go crazy for some bleu cheese. Add them together, and we go doubly as crazy for their little love child: This spicy-yet-sweet, buttery goodness.

5. Murray’s Burratta, $11.99 each

What do you get when take a mozzarella ball and fill it with – what Murray’s dubs – “dairy gold”? This ridiculously delicious & versatile cheese. Spread it on toast, add it to a salad, heck, even eat it like an apple… Just savor the flavor.

What’s your cheese of choice? Leave a comment or tweet us so we can try it out!


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