Cocktail Hour

Goodbye Summer: Our
5 Favorite Fall Cocktails

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to summer so we are easing into fall with these five delicious cocktails. Plus, as the weather cools down there is nothing better than a seasonal drink to warm you up. Here are some of our favorite fall cocktails!

The Mulled Apple Cider from The Pioneer Woman is the perfect cold weather recipe. This drink is best enjoyed with a splash of rum while sitting in front of a fireplace (preferably in a log cabin).

This Hot Toddy with Dried Cherries and Lime from Food52 is a great twist on the classic drink. It truly is the best cure for a chilly fall day!

The Pomegranate Sangria from Pink Parsley is a great excuse to keep drinking sangria right into fall! The pomegranate seeds make this drink truly seasonal so sip it while you can!

This Bourbon Arnold Palmer from Sassy Radish is the definition of a drink that transitions from summer to fall. The lemonade is reminiscent of summer while the bourbon roots the drink in fall. Does it get any better?

The Manzarita from Food & Wine takes the classic margarita and puts an autumn twist on it. With the use of apples (hence the use of the Spanish word for apple, manzana) this margarita makes the transition from summer to fall much easier.

– Rachel Karten


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