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February’s Culinary Theme: Getting Social

With Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Game Day happening this month, it was easy for the Culinary team to pick February’s theme— Getting Social.

Once again Plated’s Culinary team has convened (over hot chocolate) to come up with this month’s theme. Additionally, these gatherings serve as an opportunity to gush about ingredient obsessions, can’t-live-without tools, and brilliant kitchen hacks. With the new year and winter’s frigid air in full swing, the focus shifts to warming up. What better way to guard from the cold than with warm, home-cooked dinners? Below, recipe editor Jennifer En fills you in on why February is the perfect month for cooking cozy meals made for Getting Social.

When it’s finally cold enough outside to warrant puffy coats and the tell-tale signs of winter are all around, there’s nothing quite as soothing as the comfort of cooking in a warm kitchen. With Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Game Day giving us plenty of reasons to come together, crowd-pleasing dishes are an added bonus. When we think of winter comfort foods we love, we naturally arrive at a list that lends itself especially well to eating family-style: pots of piping hot soups; plates of cheesy pastas; and hearty meat dishes. Shorter days and longer evenings are ideal for preparing simple, nourishing dinners at home and sharing them with your favorite people.

With the big game and Mardi Gras around the corner, you may want to look toward dishes that double as irresistible party foods: Sticky Japanese Chicken Wings, White Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and Root Vegetable Chili with Cheesy Cornbread. For more intimate meals to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you might go for elegant, visually stunning dinners—Red Wine Risotto with Roasted Beets and Ginger Cod en Papillote are made to wow. And then there are evenings when all you want to do is share satisfying meals that deliver oomph without hours of labor. Get excited about whipping up Creamy Orzo with Pecorino Cheese and Brussels Sprouts, Feta-Stuffed Lamb Burgers, and steaming udon soup. And since nothing’s more unifying than dessert, it’s probably a good idea to bake a delectable Apple Cherry Cobbler while you’re at it.


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