What Chefs Really Think About Fusion Food

While the concept of fusion food is hardly novel, it hasn’t disappeared either. Our chefs share how they feel about the ongoing trend.

While the concept of fusion food is hardly novel, it hasn’t disappeared either. Remaining a hotly debated topic amidst the ever-changing food landscape, the practice of blending flavors, ingredients, and/or cooking techniques from different culinary traditions doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. On the contrary, popular chefs (like David Chang of Momofuku restaurant fame) continue to offer innovative takes on fusion food. While some feel the practice is sacrilegious, others can’t wait for the next mashup. Bring on the pad Thai panzanella pizza cake? If you’re wondering where Plated stands on the subject, the wait is over.

From Plated’s Culinary Team:

“Fusion food can walk a fine line. When the two cuisines enhance each other, it can be brilliant and delicious. When they don’t…it can just be confusing or gimmicky.” —Suzanne Dumaine, culinary manager

“I’ve eaten some pretty terrible, wackadoo fusion dishes. That said, we recently made a French onion soup burger in the test kitchen, and I recall approving of it wholeheartedly.” —Jennifer En, recipe editor

“After binge watching ‘Mind of a Chef’ on Netflix, I became obsessed with Chef David Chang. When I heard he was opening a new restaurant in NYC that approaches Italian cuisine through Korean and Asian cooking styles, I was intrigued. He has opened up my mind to the whole concept of fusion.” —Andrea Folkerts, test kitchen assistant

“All I have to say is: Katz’s pastrami egg roll from RedFarm [in NYC].” —Michelle Kresch, test kitchen assistant

And there you have it. In our book, there’s a delicious place for thoughtful fusion creations that marry the best aspects of different cuisines—but tread lightly. One gratuitous misstep, and you could end up with an indecipherable Franken-dinner. But for now, forgetting the #FusionFails of the world, we’d like to introduce you to some of our kitchen’s favorites—the ones that make the grade, earning the Culinary team stamp of approval.

Looking to make up your mind about where you stand on fusion food? Check out the recipes for the following dishes:

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Asian Beef Tacos
– Chicken Pad Thai Burgers


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