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#FoodPorn Friday: Cheese GIFS That Will Stay with You for a Long Time

Oh, hi. We didn’t hear you come in. We got lost in one of our favorite Friday activities: daydreaming about cheese.

Kidding! It’s not only on Fridays—it’s more of an everyday thing. Join us?

If you’re like us, you might eat cheese ritualistically.

And no one gets between you and your mac and cheese.

You really can’t let it out of your sight.

And we won’t even get you started about pizza.

He likes it! Hey, Mikey!

There’s nothing wrong in eating it straight from the grater.

We even considered making cheese the backbone of a new company slogan. Something like…

Yeah, that. Or maybe…

Honestly, we haven’t fully ruled it out.

Because however you slice it…

Mmm… “Slice it.”

Cheese has the power to make you melt.

Time for some now? Sounds good. See you later.

Cheese and love.


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