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Take Your Donut to the Pool with These Food-Themed Floats

It’s no secret that food comes first for us in most situations. So, when we caught wind of this trend (better late then never, right?) in which traditional pool floats come shaped like our favorite edible treats…we had to have them. There’s nothing like lounging on an inflatable version of our morning bagel to get us excited about our next meal. Not that we need any actual help with that.

Ice Cream

Nothing says summer more than a giant ice cream cone…except a giant ice cream cone that doubles as a pool float. Bonus points if you lounge on this float while eating an actual ice cream cone. Pics or it didn’t happen.


Soft pretzels might have you thinking about summer carnivals or street fairs, but this tasty snack also now has a place in the pool. This pretzel float has room for three, so be ready to get twisted up in this pretzel with all your friends.

Everything Bagel

For those early to rise early to swim people, make sure to pick up this everything bagel float (complete with cream cheese, duh) for your morning dip. Bagel craving, satisfied.


Yes, donuts and beach season don’t usually come as a pair, but this inflatable doughnut pool float is dotted with sprinkles, matching every mood and bathing suit. It’s the most straightforward of the foodie floats, as the typical tube already holds that shape, so you have to get it, basically.



While you’ve got breakfast on the mind, this bacon float is the perfect friend for your bagel. Each float only comes with one strip, but that’s okay. Who shares their bacon, anyway?


Pineapple is such a summery fruit, for both grilling and cocktail purposes. Why not add it to the pool, too?


It’s not a true party if you don’t pop a little bubbly! Don’t take that literally with your champagne pool float, though…unless you’re cool with sinking.



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