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#FoodHack: How to Make the Perfect French Toast

We can all agree that French toast is delicious.

Right, Celine Dion?

Walter White?

Aaaand Oprah.

That’s a solid group of supporters there.

The question is: How to make the perfect French toast? One of the keys to unlocking this mystery may surprise you…

Dry out your bread in the oven first.

You heard us, Burgundy.

Bake your bread on a wire rack at 300°F for about eight minutes a side, to reduce excess moisture in the center of the bread while adding a crispiness to the edge.

This retains the bread’s flavor while keeping it from getting too soggy—a pitfall to preparing the perfect French toast.

And if you follow the other particulars of this recipe, you might end up with something like this…

Now that looks perfect.

Right, Celine Dion?


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