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Five Must-Haves from
the Test Kitchen

Ever wonder what goes into stocking the perfect kitchen (besides 100% perfect recipes)? In the Plated test kitchen, we know exactly which tools you need to easily whip up a delicious meal like a pro in 30 minutes or less. When it comes to cooking your next recipe, make sure you keep these five must-haves handy!


1. Saucepan

Whether you need to simmer a sauce or quickly prep some rice, you’ll want a small- or medium-sized saucepan (with a lid). You’ll quickly learn this little trooper comes in handy for non-dinner uses, too, like making the perfect oatmeal for breakfast or melting chocolate in a double-boiler.


2. Sauté pan

It may seem like a bold statement, but you can’t cook without a sauté pan – it’s just not possible! How else will you caramelize onions or cook vegetables to perfection? Sauté pans are also the key to searing any protein headed for your dinner plate.


3. Baking sheet

A lot of cookware can go from stove top to oven, but not all cookware is created equal and you need some that won’t let you down. To satisfy a wide variety of roasting and baking needs (from veggies to cookies), you’re going to need a heavy baking sheet that won’t rust or warp.


4. Handhelds: Spatula, Tongs & Chefs’ Knife

Spatula are essential for cooking meat and eggs, while heat-proof tongs are necessary for expertly maneuvering your ingredients, whether it’s flipping a steak or tossing a salad. You’ll also need a good chefs’ knife so you can chop, mince and dice with ease and accuracy.


5. Cutting Board

Almost every recipe requires you to cut something, so a cutting board should always be within reach. Wooden cutting boards don’t put too much strain on knife blades, keeping them sharp and protecting them from chipping and notching. A flexible, food-coded board will come in handy when prepping raw ingredients, since you should never cut raw meats on wood.


Now that you have the perfect tools, pair them with these great recipes!


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