You’ve Gotta Try These Plated Takes on Your Favorite Childhood Foods

No matter your age, there will always be those childhood favorite foods that make you nostalgic for your younger years. You know the foods we’re talking about—the ones where one bite sends you back to days of lunch boxes, afternoon snacks, and halftime oranges.

And while there are times that call for cooking proper, #adult meals, there are certain times when you just need to give in to your cravings and make an American classic (think pop tarts, hot pockets, tomato sou,p and grilled cheese). Because sometimes, adulting is hard.

These Plated recipes will help you indulge your inner child, while also helping you stay creative in the kitchen (because why not add a parmesan crumb to your chicken fingers?).

Chicken fingers

This recipe takes chicken fingers to the next level by adding a salty, umami parmesan crust, which adds a cheesy crunch to every bite. Throwing in some roasted tomatoes and a classic Caesar salad on the side makes this a full, adult meal. Because who said chicken fingers can’t be grown up food, too?

Mac + cheese

Okay, before you give us grief for trying to sneak some greens and protein into your mac and cheese, believe us, we’re on your side. But trust us, though this mac and cheese recipe may come with a side salad situation, you’ll fall in love once you take your first bite.

Hot pockets

When you think about it, hot pockets were really the perfect childhood food: self-contained enough to be eaten on-the-go, but hearty enough to count as a full meal. Plated’s cheesy beef hand pies take everything that was great about the classic hot pocket and make it a into a more adultified dish. Even better—these keep well in the freezer, so you can really grab ‘em for a quick meal on the go, just like you did as a kid.


Grilled cheese

Your after school grilled cheese snack is getting taken to the next level, with the help of a little fig jam. This is not the time to use those American cheese slices you grew up with—you’re going to want to bring out the fancy cheeses like Brie and Fontina for this one. Throw in some leafy greens and a drizzle of champagne vinegar and you have yourself a meal that will taste both classic and revolutionary with every bite.

Tomato soup

Alternatively, you can have your tomato soup and grilled cheese in a single bowl, thanks to this recipe, which tops the soup with grilled cheese croutons (yup, that’s right). Creamy tomato soup: meet crunchy, cheesy croutons. It’s a match made in heaven.

Pop tarts

And of course, we can’t forget the dessert (though we’ll admit, we ate these more often as a breakfast treat)! These homemade Berry & Basil Empanadas keep all of the best parts of your favorite pastry treat (flaky dough, sweet jam filling) while leaving out those crazy, extra ingredients that you couldn’t identify or pronounce. It’s a bit of comfort in every bite.

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