The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whether your dad is a wine buff or a health nut, we’ve got myriad gift options him this Father’s Day depending on his food-related interests.

Along with warm weather, cookouts, and beach towels comes Father’s Day. We’ve come up with myriad gift options for Dad depending on his food-related interests. Want extra points? Whether he’s a wine buff or a health nut, one gift that he’s bound to love is our hot off the presses Plated cookbook!

If your dad is a wine lover, he probably has some pretty specific preferences when it comes to a bottle of vino. Luckily, for anyone that loves the fruit of the vine, there are many terrific gift ideas that don’t involve purchasing a case of your pop’s favorite varietal.

1. Corkcicle
It’s an accepted fact that no one loves a warm glass of white wine. To avoid putting an un-chilled bottle in the freezer (and inevitably forgetting about it), the corkcicle is an excellent solution. It’s stored in the freezer until it turns, well, icicle-like, then easily slipped into a bottle for fast chilling.

2. Fancy Decanter
Anyone worth their weight in wine should have at least one decanter. Luckily, you can really never have too many—especially if you’re a frequent dinner party host. Invest in a high quality decanter for your dad so he (and his wine) can breathe easy.

3. Personalized Champagne Flute
No celebration is complete without Champagne, and for a special occasion, personalized is always better. Surprise your father with his very own, one-of-a-kind Champagne flutes, whether monogrammed with his initial or emblazoned with a favorite logo or emblem.

1. Microplane
If you’ve ever spent time with a box grater, which your cheffy Dad surely has, you’ll appreciate the total ease of using a microplane. The company sells a number of different grater varieties, so purchase a few.

2. Flavored salts
While we usually think of salt for adding flavor, companies now sell flavored salts—imbuing them with everything from herbs to truffles to smoke. Not only is a set of salts an aesthetically pleasing gift, any kitchen whiz will appreciate the multi-faceted flavors they provide.

3. Engraved Chef’s Knife
For an avid cook, nothing beats a really, really sharp knife. Well, unless it’s specially engraved. Have a special message, initials, or a design engraved into a knife or knife set for your Dad and he’ll think of you every time he uses them.

1. Espresso Machine
There are few more impressive gadget gifts than a high quality espresso machine. Whether you go for the fancy add-ons like a milk frother is up to you—luckily there are a range of prices and models on the market. (We’re personally partial to this one created by our friends at De’longhi). One thing is certain: your gift will be used and appreciated every day.

2. Thermopen
There’s no shortage of electric meat thermometers, but none as helpful as the thermopen. The instant read thermometer works very quickly and provides super exact information, decreasing the likelihood of a half-raw Thanksgiving turkey or roast chicken. Also, being magnetic, it’s easy to store—the fridge makes a convenient location.

3. Soda Maker
Homemade sparkling water always seems fancy, even if it’s a breeze to make. There are a number of soda siphons available for sale, not to mention full blown soda machines, and it’s a gift any gadget lover will enjoy.

1. Measuring cups
If Dad’s just learning his way around the kitchen and delving into recipes, he’ll likely be doing a lot of measuring. Invest in a nice set of measuring cups for him—he’ll appreciate it, as will your tastebuds.

2. Apron
Whether you’re a first-time cook or a master chef, everyone needs and loves an apron. Gift the old man a nice, sturdy apron (personalized message optional), so he can truly roll up his shirtsleeves in the kitchen.

3. Cutting Board Set
When he’s chopping, grating, slicing, and peeling, your beginner cook will require at least one cutting board. Spring for a nice multi-colored set so that each hue can be dedicated to a different type of ingredient (eg: green for veggies, red for meat, blue for fish).

1. Nesting Bowls
You can truly never have enough bowls in a kitchen, and double points for ones that can stack for easy storage. Nesting bowls make a perfect gift for any chef, but especially a baking enthusiast, who will be mixing, whisking, and sifting more than the rest.

2. Silpat
These oven-safe silicone baking mats are used in pastry kitchens throughout the world, and make non-stick baking super easy. Even if your dad is an avid baker, chances are he hasn’t invested in Silpats…yet.

3. Cool Cookie Cutters
These days, cookie cutters come in so many cool shapes and sizes (dinosaur cookies, anyone?) A set of esoteric cookie cutters makes for a fun, whimsical gift that Dad (or anyone) will love.

1. New spice mixes
Experimenting isn’t just for the kitchen. The grill can be a fun place to try new ingredients and, of course, new spice mixes. Give your dad homemade or store bought spice mixes to tantalize his tastebuds this grilling season.

2. Monogrammed Brander
The only thing better than a fresh burger or steak hot off the grill is one that bears your initials or name. Surprise your dad with this one-of-a-kind gift, which will encourage even more summertime grilling than usual.

3. BBQ Tool Set
After a few summers of non-stop grilling, it may be time to update your Dad’s BBQ tool set. While he’ll probably insist that his old tools are fine, he’ll surely love a shiny brand new one. If you’re feeling fancy, get it monogrammed.

1. Spiralizer
Spiral cut vegetables are all the rage these days to achieve a noodle texture without the carbs. If your dad is a health-focused eater, or trying to become one, gift him this easy and fun contraption, and get ready for lots of zucchini noodles coming your way.

2. Juicer
If your dad has jumped on the cold pressed juice bandwagon, he’ll definitely enjoy customizing his own healthful elixir. Get him a juicer, and enjoy colorful preparations every time you visit!

3. Steamer Basket
If Dad’s trying to keep things light this summer, make sure he has a high quality steamer basket that actually fits in his pots. Steamed vegetables and fish can be truly delicious and healthy if prepared correctly.


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