New Family-Friendly
Recipes for 2019

New year, new recipes! This year, we’re bringing you even more dishes the whole family can enjoy. Starting this month, our weekly menus will feature five Family-friendly recipes that will change week to week.

These recipes are focused on helping you cut back on cooking and clean up time, and will include ways to get everyone in on the kitchen fun.

Beef, poultry, seafood, vegetarian—you name it, we’ve got it. These crowd-pleasing recipes will come in a variety of global cuisines and flavors to spice up your weekly meals—perfect for families and friends enjoying dinnertime together. As always, Plated offers all meals in 2, 3, and 4 servings sizes to help you meet your needs.

Here are a few of our Family-friendly recipes to look forward to this month:

Beef “Lasagna” with Sweet Potato, Eggplant, and Mozzarella

A mash up between lasagna and eggplant parm, plus sweet potato. In this dish, roasted veggies replace classic lasagna noodles and meet layers of ground beef, mozzarella, and Parmesan for cheesy, melty goodness.

Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese with Marinara Sauce

This combination brings us back to our childhood—grilled cheese and tomato soup, anyone? Sneak in some veggies with a kale pesto and load on four types of cheese: shredded mozzarella, shredded provolone, fresh mozzarella, and Parmesan.

Mustard-Roasted Salmon with Goat Cheese Potatoes, Mixed Greens, and Cranberries

Our promise for easy clean up is delivered in this one-sheet wonder (plus a bowl for tossing the salad). Step away from the stove with this dish and roast the salmon and potatoes alongside each other.

Indian-Spiced Chicken with Cardamom Brown Butter, Pistachios, and Roasted Carrots

If you loved our Garam Masala Salmon this Indian-spiced deliciousness is for you. Chicken is seasoned with a warming mix of cinnamon, cumin, coriander, and cardamom that’s perfect for a cold winter night.

Pumpkin, Beef, and Black Bean Chili with White Cheddar and Crispy Tortillas

Chili is one of our favorite ways to feed a house full of hungry mouths. This version has a slightly sweet, Southwestern twist, and gets its texture from pumpkin purée and mashed black beans. Top with homemade tortilla strips for a crunchy finish.

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