How to Celebrate Earth Day the Plated Way

Each year, we celebrate Earth Day to take stock and remember the importance of protecting (and respecting!) our planet in our everyday life. Here at Plated, we’re always aspiring to think of ways to repurpose and reuse, and to be friendly to the earth. After all, it does provide us with so many delicious things to eat (and then some). So, with a mic drop to Mother Nature, we’re giving you some of our go-to ways to be mindful and celebrate Earth Day.

Embrace root to stem cooking
From carrot top pesto to sautéed beet greens, we’ve got a bounty of ways to use the whole vegetable-root to stem to avoid missing out on any edible parts!

Don’t toss that leftover coconut milk
We love to use coconut milk in our Plated recipes, but sometimes we don’t need the whole can. Luckily, we’ve got a ton of ways from dressings to soups to whipped cream for using every last drop.

Save (and savor) those food scraps!
Herb stems, pasta cooking water, even stale bread—embrace trimmings and scraps left behind on the cutting board.

Bring your lunch to work (and even use leftovers in it)
Skip the lines (and the disposable packaging) by pulling out the Tupperware and packing your lunch. It’s an economical and excellent way to eat well at work, so we’ve got lots of tasty ways to enjoy lunch al desko.

Keep that Parmesan rind around
Parmesan rind infuses flavor into all sorts of recipes. Don’t throw it out—cause we have plenty of ways you can use it!

Consider composting
Wondering what to do with your food scraps? We’ve got all the deets.

Ways to Reuse Plated Packaging
We’re constantly impressed to see how creative our customers get when it comes to what they do with Plated packaging. Need an ottoman? See how someone used Plated insulation to make it happen!

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