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5 Ways to Customize Your Holiday Wreath

Holidays are not only a time for copious amounts of food, family, and celebration. They also provide a perfect opportunity to decorate your home in many, many fun, festive ways. We love hanging a wreath on our front doors, and although we’d love to claim we make our own, it’s definitely not a frequent occurrence. However, even if you buy a pre-made wreath, there are tons of ways to customize it, from adding initials and ornaments to ribbons and seasonal fruits. Let’s get creative.

Add an initial

Adding a painted initial or two is a cute way of adding a sweet, personal to your holiday wreath. Let the color you choose set the tone for the rest of your decorations.

ps. you can totally add more than a letter or two, if you want to make these the centerpiece of your wreath.

Get fruity

We love the colorful and textural addition of fruits to a green, bountiful wreath—pomegranates and citrus are our favorites, as they won’t disintegrate as the season goes on. For a sweet aromatic flair, try weaving in some sturdy herbs as well (rosemary, thyme, etc.).

Candy time

You probably already have a few on hand, so why not go with it? Adding candy canes to your wreath makes for a colorful (and edible) accent that’s oh-so-seasonal. If you have kids, keep an eye on that wreath, as those candy canes may slowly disappear when you’re not looking. Nothing wrong with keeping a few extras on hand.

Use an ornament

Got a few ornaments that didn’t make it on the tree this year? Loop them into your wreath or, if you’re feeling extra-crafty, create a wreath entirely out of ornaments. We recommend large orbs—go multi-colored for a fun and funky look, stay classic with just one hue, or celebrate with golds and silvers.

Tie it up

If you’ve purchased a nice but fairly standard wreath, adding a colorful ribbon can easily (and subtly) take it to the next level. Create bows on the wreath itself, or create them and then tie ’em on. Red satin is never the wrong answer during the holiday season.

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