What The Plated Culinary Team Brings to a Barbecue

Summer is in full swing and chances are your weekends are filled with barbecues, picnics, cookouts and more. At Plated, we spend all day thinking about, writing about, cooking, testing, and eating food, so when it comes time for a party, we can’t show up empty-handed. We asked our Culinary Team what their go-to barbecue dishes are. Here’s what they had to say:

“My family has this dish called Rachael potatoes—silly, I know, but it’s from when I was a kid and I’d requested them all summer long. We’d cut up red-skinned potatoes and wrap them in a foil pouch with sliced yellow onions, olive oil, and a LOT of Dijon mustard, and either throw them on the charcoal grill or over the campfire, depending on where we were. It’s like a warm potato salad but so much simpler.”
-Rachael, Director, Culinary Brand Management

“I always go for some type of cold grain salad. It’s different from potato salad or coleslaw, and makes for amazing leftovers for the host (the longer it sits, the more flavorful it gets!). I usually do something like quinoa or farro with a bunch of sliced scallions, fresh corn, diced red peppers, golden raisins or tart cherries, and a really mustardy vinaigrette. Sometimes I’ll pack goat cheese or feta cheese separately so that people can decide if they want to make it cheesy or not. You can serve it room temperature or cold, and it goes great with burgers, hot dogs, or grilled veggies.”
-Michelle, Director, Culinary Product Development

“What I bring depends entirely on what kind of barbecue it is—it’s all about the vibe! I love to make a big batch of creamy, dill pickle potato salad, or I’ll go all in and bring caviar and a bag of potato chips.”
-Shanna, Senior Recipe Developer

“My go-to dish is a chilled bottle of full-bodied, dry, fruit-forward rosé, like one from Tavel in France’s Southern Rhône Valley. It pairs beautifully with fatty meats and charred flavors and is super refreshing on a hot day, making it, in my opinion, a perfect summer barbecue wine.”
-Sara, Senior Recipe Editor

“I love bringing something seasonal! A berry crostata, stone fruit cobbler, or DIY dessert like strawberry shortcake. And a side of vanilla ice cream is a must! Desserts are nice for this time of year because the fruit selection is so bountiful and the main meal is usually taken care of by the host.”
-Liz, Recipe Developer

“I go with something refreshing like a fruit salad, sorbet, ice cream, gelato, or even a homemade syrup for making soda and cocktails”
-Giuseppe, Recipe Developer

“I usually bring a vegetable dish like a big salad. I want people to fall in love with a vegetarian dish. When someone says they love the salad, you know you’ve made it.”
-Andrea, VP, Culinary Innovation

“I love bringing a refreshing watermelon salad to any bbq. I fill a big bowl with cubes of watermelon, Persian cucumbers, feta, and mint, then toss it all with lime juice. It’s my favorite salty-sweet dish in the summer. If I’m hanging out by the pool, I also love a good guacamole. Can’t go wrong!”
-Kara, Recipe Editor

We know who we’re inviting to our next barbecue!

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