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How to Make DIY Confetti Poppers

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Equally simple as they are exciting, confetti poppers are the perfect way to start your New Year’s with a bang. Just make sure everyone gets one, because the more confetti you have, the better the party.

What you’ll need
1 paper towel tube
double-sided tape or decorative masking tape
3 balloons
decorative paper
(makes three)

Cut paper towel tube into thirds.

Snip the ends of each balloon a ⅛” sliver removed from each broad end). Tie the tails of each balloon into a knot.

Stretch and slip the cut side of each balloon onto the end of a dowel. Secure with tape, if necessary.

Use a popper as a guide, the ruler, the pencil and the scissors to measure, mark and cut a rectangular piece of decorative paper to wrap around your party popper.

Fill each popper with a healthy pinch or two of confetti.

To launch, pull the tail end of the popper taut, like a slingshot, and release!

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