Beyond the Tank Party: What Plated is snacking on

The different departments in the Plated headquarters are gearing up for Nick Taranto and Josh Hix’s appearance on the Shark Tank spin-off, Beyond the Tank this Friday, May 8 at 9 EST.

Rather than chat about spoiler alerts (nobody wants to ruin the surprise, anyway), we all know you have one question in mind as the team snaps into action prior to Beyond the Tank: What is everyone snacking on?

Engineering Department:


This crew is always on-the-go, so these hand-held Pizza Bagels are perfect for their busy schedules and constant keyboard typing. One-handed snackability? Check.


Marketing Department:

Queue the eye-roll, but this team is pretty obsessed with always being the first to introduce the team to the newest trend. This week, the team is #tbt’ing (throwback tasting) these Sesame-Sriracha Avocado Bowls every time we look over.


Culinary Department:

We thought about omitting them altogether, because they will not be outdone. But instead, we included one of our favorite behind-the-scenes recipe creations… Everyone, enjoy these Crack Fries with Sriracha-Miso Mayo.

Operations Department:

Because this high-energy team has all of the access to amazing ingredients, they’re showing off their snack skills with this recipe for Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip.

What will you be snacking on as you watch Beyond the Tank this Friday? Leave us a comment!



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