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Become a Plated Ambassador

Become a Plated Ambassador!

Do you love cooking? Are you the resident chef amongst your friends? Plated has a great way for you to help your friends and co-workers take their cooking skill to the next level, while earning you plates on plates on plates!

As a Plated Ambassador, you could be a part of revolutionizing the way Americans eat. If you have what it takes, follow the directions below and we’ll help get you started!

What does it take to become a Brand Ambassador?

Tell us AND show us why. Fill out this form and tell us why you’d be the world’s most amazing Plated Ambassador. Share your #platedpics with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and we’ll give you a gold-star! (Be sure to share your Twitter & Instagram handles with us!)

Spread the word.

Send your unique Plated referral code far and wide – family, friends, strangers…anyone! Tell them why you love Plated and why they should give us a shot, and let us know if you feel like you need some pointers for recruiting future Platers!

Plated Perks.

Hit the sign up goal of 20 people and ”enter-your-signature-chef-phrase-here!” – we’ll set you up as a Plated Ambassador. You’ll receive credit for free plates, perks to share with your cooking buddies and friends, Plated swag, exclusive deals and access to special events. Good luck, chefs!

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