The Pantry

5 Essential Cooking Tools
For Every Kitchen

The ingredients in your pantry are only the beginnings of a well-stocked kitchen. Having the right tools to prepare your recipe is the key to making a pretty good dinner a great one! It’s much easier to cook when you are equipped with high-quality utensils that make your job as fun and easy as possible. This week, Plated’s Culinary Director Elana Karp gave us her the 5 tools she has on-hand at all times in the test kitchen:

1. Chef’s Knife

“The most important tool in every kitchen is easily a great chef’s knife. With a good (read: sharp) knife, you can easily slice, dice, and be on your way – safely and quickly.”


2. Tongs

“Aside from my chef’s knife, tongs are the tool I use most in the kitchen. They are great for flipping almost any ingredient, and are really helpful for checking food that is baking in the oven! I even use them to stir things when I don’t have a spoon handy. Be sure to look for a sturdy, reliable, and – preferably – stainless steel pair.”

3. Microplane

“Perfect for zesting citrus, microplanes also come in handy for grating ginger and garlic. You can even use it to grate fresh Parmesan over your favorite pasta. This is an essential tool for delicious salad dressings and marinades. “


4. Bench Scrape

“Bench scrapes are great for cleaning up and gathering ingredients. After mincing garlic or chopping an onion, simply scoop it off the board with a bench scrape and add it to a bowl or pan.”


5. Fish Spatula

“Many fish fillets are very delicate, so they require a special tool for turning. A fish spatula is thin enough that it will allow you to flip any piece of fish without breaking it, and is great for over-easy eggs as well!”

Want some great recipes to test your skills now that you’re properly armed? Check out these 30-minute recipes, and have all of your ingredients delivered directly to your door.


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