Sometimes, You Want Sliders Instead of Burgers

Sliders: petite burgers that fit perfectly in your hands and can be eaten in two quick bites. We don’t know why, but foods in mini form always feels like such a fun, little treat. At Plated, you probably know that we love both classic recipes and their beautiful, sometimes messy twists—sliders are no exception. Super easy to customize, we pulled together our fave five, which range from veg-based to Italian inspired. You’re gonna want to try them all.

Extra saucy

​We’re meatball-obsessed on a regular day, but these sliders take things to new, saucy heights. Made with crispy breadcrumbs and creamy ricotta for a creamy texture that suits simple marinara, when you pile these meatballs onto mini brioche buns and add Parmesan, you’re in for a seriously decadent dinner.

So much bolognese

Marry classic Italian tomato sauce with American hamburger sliders and you’ll get a rich, cheesy dish that’s as much fun to admire as it is to eat (provided you have extra napkins on hand). Toasted brioche slider buns are slathered with creamy ricotta before sandwiching a scoop of saucy beef Bolognese, made with our signature Italian spice blend.

Spicy chix

Now that we’ve covered the beef options, it’s on to another favorite protein, which definitely deserves a few slider spots. Elevating a classic bar snack (read: wings and ranch), these babies star tender chicken doused in buttery hot sauce alongside crisp carrot sticks and creamy dipping sauce.

Pro Tip: The trick to perfect meatballs? A fine-tuned balance of moisture and binding (here, the chicken just needs breadcrumbs, cheese, and a little egg yolk), plus gentle hand-mixing to ensure maximum juiciness.


Who says veggies can’t be slider stars? In this delicious vegetarian slider, oyster and white button mushrooms become crisp in the oven, before being slathered in a homemade BBQ sauce laced with caramelized onions. Crunchy cabbage slaw and a side of green beans round out this supremely summery dinner.

More meatballs

Made with creamy ricotta and flavorful, rich marinara sauce, these juicy chicken sliders are tossed in hearty sauce, then served atop toasty brioche. When paired with Caesar Brussels, you really can’t go wrong.

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