5 Bacon Cocktails That Will Blow Your Mind

We’ve already told the secret of the best way to make bacon. Now add that perfect pork-procured product to a potent potable. Here are five bacon cocktails—plus their recipes—that will blow your mind.

1. Bacon and Maple Syrup Cocktail


People might judge you for drinking at breakfast, so tell them you’re just breakfast-ing while drinking.

They’ll probably back off if you give them the recipe.

2. Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary


The pepper crust totally changes the bacon-cocktail game, making this drink the Kanye West of bacon cocktails. Be your own Yeezus and make it yourself.

3. Bacon Manhattan


It’s named after the city that never sleeps, but if you drink enough of them, this concoction might put you right to bed.

4. Boozy Bacon Milkshake


This can be found at the Hard Rock Cafe, under the name “Twist and Shout.” It can also be found in your home if you’d like the recipe. … What’s that? You WOULD? Okay, here. (Scroll down on that page.)

5. Rum and Cola Float with Bacon Straw


WITH BACON STRAW, PEOPLE. Look, there’s no more time to waste. Here’s the recipe/instructions on how to shape bacon strips into a straw. Now drink! Drink like the wind!*

Comment below with your favorite bacon-infused cocktail!

*Drink responsibly.


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