Go Big or Go Home: The 2018 Plated Bracket

Anyone else’s bracket already busted? You’re in good company. Reclaim your March Madness credibility and join in the action with our 2018 Plated Bracket, featuring both well-loved and rookie dishes from the Plated Menu—inspired by the tournament’s four regions: East, West, Midwest, and South.

Cast your votes with our daily Twitter polls all week long to make sure your top recipe pick makes it to the championship matchup. Will a Cinderella story be in the cards for a newer recipe like Skillet Grandma Pie? Or will an all-time leading order (hello, Fish Tacos) make its way unmatched to the finals? You decide.

There will be culinary upsets, foodie blowouts, and so much more. Check back to this page daily for voting updates and results as the week goes on—you won’t want to miss it.


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