Mother’s Day Brunch Solved: Turkish Baked Eggs + Pomegranate Gin Daisy

Be it a cocktail, glass of wine, or frothy pint, our chefs adore selecting the perfect beverage pairings for their dishes. Not only can this help bring out the most special elements of the dish, it also adds a festive touch to the meal. So, when Chef Shanna put Turkish Baked Eggs on the menu, we were thrilled to pick the perfect libation to match.

Combining Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors, the recipe brings together eggs, sautéed leeks and spinach, and feta, all served over a yogurt sauce with garlic and Urfa chile. Then, there’s the extras: crunchy pita chips for scooping, a cucumber-tomato salad, and toasted pine nuts and dill to garnish. The special, brunch-y nature of the dish had us craving a refreshing cocktail to pair—something with a bit of tart-sweetness to balance the salty feta and smoky chile without overpowering the eggs or veggies.

We found our perfect match in a gin daisy, a classic cocktail that combines gin, lemon juice, club soda, and grenadine. To increase tartness and give the drink its eye-catching pink color, we added pomegranate juice—a flavor often found in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines—for satisfying contrast to the savory elements of the dish. We used London Dry gin for notes of citrus and juniper, which we loved with the fresh dill, while the lemon juice in the drink highlighted the tangy dressing on the salad. For a clean, crisp, and bubbly finish, we topped our gin daisy with a splash of club soda from Fever-Tree, a brand we love that makes a wide range of creative mixers in a variety of flavors.

Want to try the pairing for yourself? Order our Turkish Baked Eggs today, channel your inner mixologist, and let us know your thoughts!

Pomegranate Gin Daisy

(Serves 1)

1 sprig fresh mint for garnish (optional)
1 tablespoon fresh pomegranate seeds for garnish (optional)
1 lemon
½ ounce grenadine
1½ ounces pomegranate juice
1½ ounces London Dry gin*
1½ ounces club soda (such as Fever-Tree)

1. Rinse all produce. Pat mint dry with paper towel and set aside for garnish. Halve lemon and juice to yield ½ ounce juice (save any remainder for another recipe).

2. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine grenadine, pomegranate juice, gin, and lemon juice. Cover and shake vigorously until chilled and thoroughly combined.

3. Strain over an 8-ounce glass filled with crushed ice (we love the presentation of a rocks glass or stemless wine glass). Top with club soda—feel free to add more or use less depending on your taste preference. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and mint, if desired. Cheers!

*Want to make this a mocktail? Swap out the gin for an additional ¾ ounce pomegranate juice and ¾ ounce club soda.

Story contributed by Plated Recipe Editor Sara Heegaard.

This article is intended for individuals 21-years-old and over. Please drink responsibly.

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