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13 Holiday Hacks: A Life-Changing Guide

You have enough to do during the holidays. Take every shortcut you can.

Take these now and thank us later: 13 holiday hacks to make planning, partying, and packing up a little easier.

1. Wrap Christmas lights around a hanger so they don’t get tangled. 

2. Store tree ornaments in plastic cups.

3. For your smallest ornaments, use egg cartons

4. Use green tinsel on your Christmas tree to make it look fuller.

5. Hang your wrapping paper on hooks by using curtain rings.

6. A simple burlap garland can add a rustic touch to your porch Christmas tree.

7. Put icing in condiment bottles for easy, accurate decorating on cookies and cakes.

8. Use a cardboard box wrapped in gift paper as your garbage receptacle on Christmas morning.

9. Use hot glue to hang lights on brick.

10. Use glitter and furniture polish to turn a boring ornament into a dazzling one.

11. Use a command hook to easily hang a wreath on the door.

12. Ornaments + light fixture = Christmas chandelier.

13. And finally, this uber-handy formula:




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