12 for “The 12”: Incredible Super Bowl Snacks for Seahawks Fans

The Seattle Seahawks might have the loudest fans in sports. The ear-splitting din inside their arena is so incredible, the crowd is referred to as the 12th man on the field, or “The 12.” In a 2011 playoff game, the 12 cheered so loudly, they registered as seismic activity on the nearby Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. With the 12’s raucous support, Seattle has maintained an amazing 24-8 home record since 2010. They’re even generous to opposing fans.

We took time out yesterday to pay homage to New England’s glorious clam chowder, but what if you want to prepare snacks for the Big Game that support the other team?

As a nod to the Seahawks, we’ve compiled 12 snacks perfect for your Super Bowl party—that is, if you’re rooting for the Seattle.

1. The “12th Man” Mocha Dip

(Image: The Cottage Market)

A city so revered for its coffee deserves a mocha dip as delicious as this.

2. Seattle Seahawks Rice Krispies Treats

(Image: twosisterscrafting.com)

You’ll already be wearing a jersey. Wouldn’t it be fun to eat one?

3. Richard Sherman Gingerbread Cookies

(Image: partypinching.com)

There are more edible players where Sherman came from. Learn to make others here.

4. Seahawks-Colored Dessert Pretzel Rods

(Image: partypinching.com)

These pretzel rods are dipped in vanilla Candiquik, sprinkled with green and blue nonpareils, and finished off with a sugar football.

5. 12th Men Treats

(Image: partypinching.com)

Don’t worry—these “men” are just Rice Krispies treats dipped in blue candy melts. The jersey numbers are written with vanilla icing, and the faces? Vanilla wafers.

6. Seahawks Marshmallow Pops

(Image: partypinching.com)

Dip the top of each marshmallow into vanilla Candiquik and then into blue or green sugar sprinkles. The “12” is made with an edible marker.

7. Football Brownie Bites

(Image: partypinching.com)

Store-bought brownie bites + green buttercream icing + chocolate football = dessert touchdown.

8. 12th Man Snack Stadium

(Image: partypinching.com)

If you’ve really got the Spirit of 12, you can put #3 through #8 together, in one incredible !2th Man Snack Stadium.

9. 12th Man Cupcakes

(Image: Seattle Refined)

Take a page from the book of Cupcake Royale, a local Seattle cupcake chain that celebrates the 12th Man with a line of Seahawk-themed cupcakes, babycakes, and cakepops. All you need is some green and blue icing and edible numbers.

10. Washington Apple Cocktail

(Image: Business Insider)

Enjoy a cocktail inspired by Washington State’s world famous apples, made with equal parts Canadian whiskey, sour apple schnapps, cranberry juice, and an apple slice.

11. Pancetta Salmon Kebabs

(Image: Business Insider)

Not only is salmon the pride of Seattle, but it also makes for a healthy—not to mention delicious—skewer snack.

12. Seattle Dogs

(Image: Pillsbury)

What’s a Seattle dog, you say? Cream cheese is the secret ingredient here. And don’t forget to grill your bun.

Do you have a favorite regional recipe that makes a perfect Super Bowl snack? Let us know in the comments below!



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