Vietnamese Pork Bún

Vietnamese Pork Búnwith Peanut Hoisin Sauce

Not to be confused with Chinese pork buns, bún refers to Vietnamese rice noodles, which are often served cold with fresh vegetables, grilled meat, and a dipping sauce. This is Chef Elana's take on the pork noodle bowl, bún chả, pairing sugar-seared pork chops with a mountain of fresh herbs, lime-laced glass noodles, and roasted peanuts. A creamy peanut butter and hoisin sauce makes double-dipping completely acceptable.

  • Stovetop Only
  • Quick Prep
Serving size
Prep & cook time
Cooking Skill
By Chef Elana

By Chef Elana

Total Carb82g
Total Fat35g
Given the cook-at-home nature of Plated and natural variation in ingredients, nutritional information is approximated. See details.

Ingredients & Equipment

What we send

  • cilantro
  • mint
  • roasted salted peanuts
    roasted salted peanuts
  • lime
  • sesame oil
    sesame oil
  • sugar in the raw
    sugar in the raw
  • peanut butter
    peanut butter
  • hoisin sauce
    hoisin sauce
  • boneless pork chops
    boneless pork chops
  • glass noodles
    glass noodles
  • spring mix lettuce
    spring mix lettuce
  • shredded carrots
    shredded carrots

What You'll Need

  • canola oil
  • kosher salt
  • black pepper
  • 8" medium pot
  • 10" medium pan