Cuban Vegetable Bowl

Cuban Vegetable Bowlwith Plantains, Black Beans, and Avocado

Inspired by her Cuban roots, Chef Michelle dreamed up this hearty vegetable bowl which showcases a common Latin American ingredient: plantains. Black beans and homemade pico de gallo perfectly complement the plantains, which are roasted with a little cayenne pepper for a hit of heat. Finished off with tangy lime crema and sliced avocado, this tropical dinner will knock your socks off.

  • Spicy
  • Vegetarian
Serving size
Prep & cook time
Cooking Skill
By Chef Michelle

By Chef Michelle

Ingredients & Equipment

What we send

  • green plantain
    green plantain
  • black beans
    black beans
  • plum tomato
    plum tomato
  • red onion
    red onion
  • lime
  • cilantro
  • jalapeño
  • cayenne pepper
    cayenne pepper
  • reduced-fat sour cream
    reduced-fat sour cream
  • avocado

What You'll Need

  • olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • black pepper
  • aluminum foil
  • baking sheet
  • 12" large pan