Crispy Fish Tacos

Crispy Fish Tacoswith Guacamole and Charred Lime

We love taco night for its simple preparation and endless flavor combinations. This is our take on the classic fish taco, but we're dredging tender tilapia in rice flour before pan-searing to create a light and crispy crust, without the deep-frying. The garnishes are totally customizable: You and your dinner companion can pile on the creamy guacamole, shredded cabbage for crunch, pickled red onion, and a squeeze of lime—charred just a few minutes for incredible smoky-sweet flavor.

  • < 600 Calories
  • Spicy
Serving size
Prep & cook time
Cooking Skill
By Chef Suzanne

By Chef Suzanne

Ingredients & Equipment

What we send

  • lime
  • plum tomato
    plum tomato
  • red onion
    red onion
  • jalapeño
  • apple cider vinegar
    apple cider vinegar
  • avocado
  • Cholula hot sauce
    Cholula hot sauce
  • corn tortillas
    corn tortillas
  • chili powder
    chili powder
  • cumin
  • dried oregano
    dried oregano
  • rice flour
    rice flour
  • tilapia
  • shredded red cabbage
    shredded red cabbage

What You'll Need

  • olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • black pepper
  • aluminum foil
  • 12" large nonstick pan