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Chickpea Samosas

Chickpea Samosas with Apricot Chutney and Cilantro-Mint Raita

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Recipe Details


We’re bringing Indian street food to the table this week with these flavorful samosas. A hearty filling of curry-spiced chickpeas, cashews, carrots, and peas gets wrapped up in flaky dough, then formed into a classic triangle shape. Instead of deep frying, we’re baking these samosas for an easy, mess-free approach. They’re served with two different sauces—a spicy cilantro-mint raita and a sweet apricot chutney—for the ultimate dipping experience.


  • Vegetarian

Quick facts

Serving size
Prep & cook time
Cooking Skill
By Chef Grace

By Chef Grace

Nutritional info

  • Calories 1050
  • Protein 27g
  • Total Carb 152g
  • Total Fat 41g

Given the cook-at-home nature of Plated and natural variation in ingredients, nutritional information is approximated. See details.

Ingredients & Equipment

What we send

  • shredded carrots
    1/2 cup
    shredded carrots
  • roasted salted cashews
    2 tablespoons
    roasted salted cashews
  • coconut flakes
    1 tablespoon
    coconut flakes
  • yellow onion
    yellow onion
  • serrano chile
    serrano chile
  • chickpeas
    1 can
  • tikka masala curry paste
    1 tablespoon
    tikka masala curry paste
  • peas
    1/3 cup
  • empanada dough
    1 package
    empanada dough
  • apricot preserves
    1 1/2 ounce
    apricot preserves
  • cilantro
    1/4 ounce
  • mint
    1/4 ounce
  • sour cream
    2 ounces
    sour cream
  • parchment paper
    parchment paper

What You’ll Need

  • olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • baking sheet
  • 12" large high-sided pan
  • blender or food processor (optional)


Cooking Steps

  1. Prepare ingredients

    Prepare ingredients

    Preheat oven to 450ºF. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Rinse all produce. Roughly chop shredded carrots. Roughly chop cashews. Roughly chop coconut flakes. Peel onion and cut into small dice. Halve serrano chile lengthwise; using a knife tip, discard seeds and stem, then roughly chop. Drain and rinse chickpeas and pat dry with paper towel.

  2. Make chickpea filling

    Make chickpea filling

    Heat 2 teaspoons olive oil in a large high-sided pan over medium-high heat. When oil is shimmering, add half of onion and sauté, stirring, until beginning to soften, about 3 minutes. Add tikka masala curry paste, chopped carrots, chickpeas, and 2 tablespoons water and cook until carrots are soft and fragrant, 2 minutes more. Remove from heat; stir in peas, cashews, coconut, and ½ teaspoon salt to combine.

  3. Fill samosas

    Fill samosas

    Place 8 empanada doughs on a clean, dry surface in a single layer (save remainder for another recipe). Using your hands, gently stretch or press doughs into slightly larger circles, about 5 inches each (so they can hold more filling). Using a slotted spoon, add about ⅓ cup chickpea filling to middle of each dough, draining off any liquid in pan and leaving a 1-inch border. Wipe pan clean for Step 5.

  4. Form and bake samosas

    Form and bake samosas

    Working 1 samosa at a time, use the thumbs and forefingers of both hands to push 3 sides up toward center to form a triangle shape, then fold seams over to close and pinch tightly to seal. Arrange on prepared baking sheet, seam-side up, and brush with olive oil. Bake until puffed and light golden, 15-17 minutes.

  5. Make chutney

    Make chutney

    While samosas bake, return pan from filling to medium-high heat and add 2 teaspoons olive oil. When oil is shimmering, add remaining onion; sauté, stirring, until beginning to soften, 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in apricot preserves and ¼ teaspoon salt to combine. Transfer apricot chutney to a small bowl for serving. Meanwhile, roughly chop cilantro leaves and stems. Pick mint leaves, discarding stems.

  6. Make raita and plate

    Make raita and plate

    In a blender or food processor, combine sour cream, serrano chile (use half for less heat), half of cilantro, half of mint, 1 tablespoon water, and ¼ teaspoon salt. Blend until smooth. Once baked, divide chickpea samosas between serving plates and garnish with remaining herbs. Serve with apricot chutney and cilantro-mint raita. Enjoy!

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