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Baked Apples

Baked Apples with Cinnamon Oat Crumble

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Sometimes the simplest desserts are the most irresistible, like these super-seasonal baked apples we find ourselves making year after year. Tangy Granny Smiths are slow roasted with cinnamon, sugar, and a touch of butter, then sprinkled with a crunchy whole wheat and cinnamon topping. The result? The best fall flavors all in one bite.


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    Prep & cook time
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    By Chef Michelle

    By Chef Michelle

    Nutritional info

    Ingredients & Equipment

    What we send

    • Granny Smith apples
      Granny Smith apples
    • unsalted butter
      4 tablespoons
      unsalted butter
    • light brown sugar
      1/4 cup
      light brown sugar
    • ground cinnamon
      1/2 teaspoon
      ground cinnamon
    • whole-wheat flour
      1/3 cup
      whole-wheat flour
    • oats
      1/2 cup
    • vanilla extract
      1/4 teaspoon
      vanilla extract
    • honey
      1 packet
    • 8" aluminum tin
      8" aluminum tin

    What You’ll Need

    • water
    • kosher salt
    • baking sheet
    • aluminum foil

    Cooking Steps

    1. Prepare Ingredients

      Prepare Ingredients

      Preheat oven to 425°F. Halve apples, discarding cores.

    2. Prepare Apples

      Prepare Apples

      Place ¼ of butter in a large, microwave-safe bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals to melt. Alternatively, heat butter in a small pot over medium-low heat until melted. Add 1 tablespoon brown sugar, half of cinnamon, and ⅛ teaspoon salt to bowl with butter and stir to dissolve sugar. Add apples to bowl and toss to coat in butter-sugar mixture. 

    3. Bake Apples

      Bake Apples

      Place aluminum tin on a baking sheet. Pour ½ cup water into tin, then add apples cut-side up, spooning any remaining butter-sugar mixture on top. Cover with foil and bake until apples have softened, about 20 minutes.

    4. Make Crumble

      Make Crumble

      While apples bake, in a medium bowl, combine whole wheat flour, oats, vanilla extract, honey, remaining butter, remaining brown sugar, remaining cinnamon, and ¼ teaspoon salt. Stir until ingredients are combined and mixture is the consistency of wet sand. Refrigerate until ready to use. 

    5. Finish Apples

      Finish Apples

      After 20 minutes, remove apples from oven and remove and discard foil. Top apples with crumble and bake until crumble has browned, about 15 minutes more.

    6. Plate Apples

      Plate Apples

      Allow baked apples to cool slightly before serving. Serve warm or at room temperature. Enjoy your falltastic dessert!

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