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Apple Cherry Cobbler

Apple Cherry Cobbler with Flaky Biscuit

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One of our favorite Southern desserts is the all-American fruit cobbler. This one features cherries and Gala apples for a filling that strikes just the right balance between sweet and tart. A homemade biscuit topping is a cinch to make and adds that ultra-desirable buttery, flaky oomph we’re always looking for in our sweets. Skip the plates, grab the forks, and everyone, dig in.


    Quick facts

    Serving size
    Prep & cook time
    Cooking Skill
    By Chef Michelle

    By Chef Michelle

    Nutritional info

    Ingredients & Equipment

    What we send

    • unsalted butter
      1/4 cup
      unsalted butter
    • Gala apples
      Gala apples
    • cherries
      1 cup
    • flour
      1 cup
    • granulated sugar
      1/2 cup
      granulated sugar
    • baking powder
      1/2 teaspoon
      baking powder
    • 8" aluminum tin
      8" aluminum tin

    What You’ll Need

    • baking sheet

    Cooking Steps

    1. Prepare Ingredients

      Prepare Ingredients

      Preheat oven to 425°F. Cut butter into small cubes, add to a plate, and place in refrigerator to chill until ready to use. Rinse apples and cut into ¼-inch dice, discarding cores. Place diced apples in aluminum tin, reshaping if bent. 

    2. Make Filling

      Make Filling

      Add cherries, 1 tablespoon flour, and 2 tablespoons sugar to tin with apples and toss to coat fruit. 

    3. Make Biscuit Topping

      Make Biscuit Topping

      In a medium bowl, stir together baking powder, remaining flour, remaining sugar, and a pinch salt. Add chilled butter and, using your fingertips, work dough until only a few pea-sized lumps remain. Add 3 tablespoons cold water and stir to combine.

    4. Assemble and Bake Cobbler

      Assemble and Bake Cobbler

      Pull off 1-inch pieces of topping, flatten slightly, and space evenly over filling in tin. Place cobbler on a baking sheet and bake until fruit is bubbling and topping is golden, 30-35 minutes. While cobbler bakes, get ahead on cleaning!

    5. Plate Cobbler

      Plate Cobbler

      Remove cobbler from oven and set aside to cool and for fruit to set before digging in. Enjoy your sensational fruity dessert!

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