Great Dinner Plans Start HereOur plans are flexible—so you can always fit dinner to your life.

How much would you like to cook?You can always change plans, skip weeks, or cancel anytime. Each serving is enough for 1 adult or 1-2 children.

2 servingsper night

Nights per week:


First week starts at $47.80

$11.95 per serving

2 servings x 2 nights

$11.95 per serving

$47.80/week + $7.95 shipping

    Great for

  • 2 adults
  • 1 adult and 2 kids
  • Leftover lovers

3 servingsper night

Nights per week:


First week starts at $59.70

$9.95 per serving

3 servings x 2 nights

$9.95 per serving

$59.70/week + $7.95 shipping

    Great for

  • 3 adults
  • 2 adults and 2 kids
  • 2 adults and 1 teenager

4 servingsper night

Nights per week:


First week starts at $79.60

$9.95 per serving

4 servings x 2 nights

$9.95 per serving

$79.60/week + FREE shipping

    Great for

  • 2 adults and 3 kids
  • 2 adults and 2 teenagers
  • Family-style dining

Plans change, we get it.That’s why we make it easy to:

  • Change your delivery

    Update your delivery day from week to week

  • Change your Servings

    Cook dinner in servings of 2, 3, or 4

  • Change your mind

    Skip weeks, swap recipes—and cancel anytime

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  • [I] whip up the meals for dinner and bring leftovers to work…. Whether it’s by myself or with friends, I always make cooking Plated a fun experience with some music and maybe a little wine. … Love the saving money factor as well!

    Denver, CO

  • I cook for my wife and myself…. Usually we spread three Plated meals for two across the week. … I love the things I have learned from new techniques … It has made me a better and exciting cook!

    Belton, TX

  • Working parents, busy kids. Plated takes 2 important steps out of my busy evening schedule: shopping and deciding what to cook. Before: boring, repetitive. Now: Exciting, tasty, . . . and beyond most restaurant experiences.

    Steelville, MO

With signup and placement of your first order, you will become a Plated subscriber and will have recipes suggested for your shipments each week.

You may skip weeks up to noon local time 6 days before your box is set to arrive or call into our Customer Experience team if you have a last-minute emergency or request. Your shipment preferences, including number of dinners per box and preferred delivery day, may be viewed and modified on the subscription tab of your account page.

You can swap the suggested recipe selections by clicking the Change Recipes button on your Weekly Menus page, and then clicking on swap next to the recipes you’d like to change.

The deadline to skip a week or modify your box is noon local time six days prior to the scheduled delivery day.

Yes! You can update your box to arrive on any delivery day that’s available in your area.

From your computer, just visit your Weekly Menus page and click on the calendar dates above any open box. This shows you other available delivery days and lets you pick a date you would prefer for your delivery that week.

Using our app, swipe to an Upcoming menu, select Options and tap Change Delivery Day to see available days in your area.

Your default delivery day from week to week will stay the same, and you can change that as well in your account settings.

To keep your food fresh and cold throughout its journey to your door, we use jute, a compostable liner made of 100% recycled materials.

Additionally, we pack each box with non-toxic, non-hazardous gel packs, and individually package your fresh ingredients to ensure they arrive in exceptional condition. Your ingredients will remain fresh in the box up until midnight on the day of your delivery.

Absolutely! You can download our iPhone App from the App Store and manage your upcoming orders, view or rate your past recipes, change your subscription, and more! The app requires iOS 8.0 and is currently optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch.

All of our products and services are backed by a freshness and quality guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we’re here to help. Just call us at 855-525-2399 or contact us via e-mail at Plated may require photo documentation of the product with which you are dissatisfied before we issue credit or a refund.

In the event that you’re missing an ingredient for a recipe, simply let a member of our customer experience team know and we’ll be happy to help makes things right.